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Looking for a Digital Paper Cutter ? With Program ?

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Digital High Precision Paper Cutters

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Programmable Digital Paper Cutters


Brand New Digital Paper Cutters

A brand new DIGITAL automatic paper cutter, with air table and magic eye ( light barrier ) can be the equivalent of 2 - 3 old style paper cutters in terms of output per day.  It also means less waste due to errors.  Complete service parts for all electronic components.  

When you buy a second hand programmable cutter, you may not be able to find the parts you need when the electronics fail.  If the parts are even available, they are SUPER expensive as they are already obsolete parts.  Our digital cutters are made from the latest electronic parts that are readily available and not expensive.  So you do not have to worry about your programmable paper cutter becoming a conventional one because no parts are available.

How many standard paper cutters have you seen that were formerly programmable ? Many ! No Parts ? Right !

Cutting and Creasing Machines


High Speed Die Cutters

High speed . high precision cutting and creasing machines.  With full safety features.  High strength steel for long life and super quiet performance.

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